Improving patient outcomes by advancing the standard of care through the application of vision technology.

Errol Singh, M.D, F.A.C.S. founded PercuVision® LLC because he believed there had to be a better way to place urinary catheters rather than the current standard blind insertions. As a practicing urologist, Dr. Singh was typically the last resort in resolving a problematic or difficult catheter placement by utilizing one of his primary tools, flexible cystoscopy, which provides vision. It occurred to him that vision should not be the last resort, especially for patients at risk for difficult urinary catheterizations (DUC), but the first.  Non-urologic providers–who put in the majority of catheters–now have vision to help place a urologic catheter which can reduce injury, save money and improve overall patient care.

Patents were granted, prototypes were developed, and investors came together in 2007 to launch PercuVision LLC. The Company received FDA 510K Clearance in 2009 and has released the DirectVision® product line  into the market. In 2013, PercuVision entered into an operational business relationship with EG Industries through its medical device subsidiary, eNNOVEA. EG Industries strengthens the Company’s capabilities and capacity at many levels including, senior management expertise, and department expertise in finance, research and development, and supply chain.

With its innovative and disruptive platform technologies, PercuVision® is creating new markets and changing the standard of care for DUC — from blind to visually-guided insertions, improving patient care, outcomes, while lowering hospital costs. Together, we can be brilliant.

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EG Industries is the preferred partner for innovative solutions in the medical, transportation, industrial, and consumer markets.

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OhioHealth is a family of not-for-profit, faith-based hospitals and healthcare organizations serving patients in central Ohio since 1891. In preparation for clinical trials, PercuVision® refined their protocol and trained nurses at Ohio Health’s state-of-the-art Center for Medical Education and Innovation™ at Riverside. PercuVision then contracted with the OhioHealth Research & Innovation Institute to finalize their clinical trial design and to complete the first clinical study of DirectVision®.