The DirectVision® Guide enables the nurse, acute care physician or urologist the ability to visually examine the urethra and bladder and aid in the placement of a Foley catheter.  The guide provides illumination and real-time video to the camera and monitor while viewing the visually guided urinary catheter placement.

Key features include:

  • Integrated micro-endoscopic technologies
  • Fiber-optic bundle of 6,000 integrated fibers to provide illumination and transmit real-time video
  • Easily inserted into the DirectVision® catheter and quickly locks securely to the camera
  • Reprocessable in the following sterilization systems: ASP Sterrad 100S, 200, 100NX (Duo Cycle), Steris V-Pro Series or Steris System 1E

            DirectVision Guide                                                      DirectVision Guide and Catheter

DirectVision Guide


















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