A difficult urinary catheter (DUC) placement is often escalated to a urology consult. Urology consults increase the cost to the patient and hospital, and can often delay the progress of the hospital visit. According to a recent prospective study of difficult urinary catheter insertions at a tertiary care centers in Northern Alberta, significant urethral injury as a result of catheterization attempts occurred 32 percent of the time. Also, the average time from an identified difficult urinary catheterization to a urology consult was greater than 4 hours and 20 minutes.  Shortening the waiting time for  urology consults for basic Foley catheter placements will allow for better outcomes, more efficient patient care and improved patient satisfaction.

A visually guided catheter can increase the success rate of placing a Foley catheter in a DUC situation. Additionally, internal injury that often occurs with blind catheterizations can be avoided in most patients.

The placement of a DirectVision® catheter is a reimbursable procedure when performed by a physician or mid-level provider.

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