Healthcare Practitioners

Acute Care Physicians

With a visually guided catheter you:

  • Shorten the waiting time for urology consults for basic Foley catheter placement
  • Achieve better outcomes, with more efficient care and improved patient satisfaction.
  • Increase the success rate of placing a Foley catheter in a DUC situation.
  • Avoid internal injury that often occurs with blind cauterization’s.

The placement of a DirectVision® catheter is a reimbursable procedure when performed by a physician or mid-level provider.



  • Save time spent on catheter related urology consults.
  • Vision allows identifying when a section of the urethra is impassable
  • DirectVision® can integrate with urological guidewires and other instruments to avoid the cost and time associated with escalation to surgery or radiology.
  • You can improve patient care, efficiency, satisfaction and outcomes.
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