Catheterization Studies

A prospective analysis of consultation for difficult urinary catheter insertion at tertiary care centres in Northern Alberta Difficult urinary catheterization (DUC) is a frequent reason for urologic consultation. The study examined current practice pattern related to DUC and identified strategies to reduce its incidence and related adverse events.

ChastaBacsu, MD, Stephan Van Zyl, MD, and Keith Francis Rourke, MD, FRCSC: A prospective analysis of consultation for difficult urinary catheter insertion at tertiary care centres in Northern Alberta Can Urol AssocJ. 2013 Sep-Oct; 7(9-10): 343-347.

DirectVision® Use by Nurses Feasibility study using DirectVision® by nurses in the emergency department.

Kevin L Banks, Paul A Willette, Pamela J Boyers, Lynn E t Shaffer, Colin Edwards, Columbus, OH

Complications of Foley catheters – is infection the greatest risk? Interventions that were triggered by Foley catheter-related genitourinary trauma was as common as symptomatic urinary tract infection in this study.

Leuck AM, Wright D, Ellingson L, et al. Complications of Foley catheters-is infection the greatest risk? J Urol 2012;187:1662-6.

National Incidence & Impact of Noninfectious Urethral Catheter  Related Complications on the Surgical Care Improvement Project.  A study concluding that urethral catheter-related complications increase length of stay (LOS) and urinary tract infection (UTI) for the majority of surgical procedures examined.

Aaronson DS, Wu AK, Blaschko SD, et al. National incidence and impact of noninfectious urethral catheter related complications on the Surgical Care Improvement Project. J Urol 2011;185:1756-60.

Incidence of Foley Catheter Related Urethral Injury in a Tertiary Referral Center Traumatic urethral catheterizations may cause urethral injury and add to patient morbidity. The study assessed the incidence and complications of catheter-related injury and estimated charges of surgical intervention that resulted from injury. Scott & White Memorial Hospital, Temple, TX.

Chavez AH, Coffield KS, Kuykendall SJ, et al. Incidence of Foley catheter-related urethral injury in a tertiary referral center. J Am Coll Surg 2009;209:S129-30

The Impact of HAI in Pennsylvania A 2009 comparison of patients who contracted healthcare-associated infections (HAI) while hospitalized in Pennsylvania and those without a HAI found higher mortality and readmission rates, longer lengths of stay, and higher estimated average Medicare payments.

Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council, 2011. The impact of healthcare-associated infections in Pennsylvania 2009. Harrisburg, PA.