Set-up and Supply List

DirectVision Equipment Checklist  

  • DirectVision System (including DirectVision Camera Hand-piece)
  • DirectVision Visual Guide (sterile and wrapped from SPD)
  • DirectVision Catheterization Kit
  • DirectVision Catheters (14fr/18fr)
  • Sterile NS for Irrigation
  • Lidocaine Injection (UroJet) if applicable
  • Extra set of Sterile Glove

3rd Party Equipment and Accessories for Advanced Use: CBI or Guidewire

  • Cook Medical Foley Side-Arm Adapter (#050202) for Guidewire insertion
  • Hydrophilic Guidewire such as a Boston Scientific Zipwire® (Straight #630-205B 15CM by .035in)
  • Standard Stopcock Valve or Female Foley Straight Adapter for CBI
  • StatLock 3-Way Foley for securing drainage bag (Bard Medical #FOL0105)

DirectVision Procedure Steps – Visually Guided Urinary Catheterization

  • Open and hang irrigation bag
  • Open Kit
  • Open and drop UroJet

1st Glove

  • Prep Betadine
  • Prep Patient
  • Urojet insertion
  • Penile Clamp

2nd Glove

  • Drape
  • Unwrap Irrigation Tubing
  • Remove Cysto Tubing
  • Tighten Irrigation Clamp
  • Spike Bag
  • Open Catheter

3rd Glove (Only on 1 person procedure- not included in video)

  • Open Visual Guide Tray
  • Place Guide and Tray on sterile field
  • Connect camera Handpiece to Visual Guide
  • Focus on gauze
  • White balance
  • Focus Ring

4th Glove (Only on 1 person procedure- not included in video)

  • Irrigate the Visual Guide Port
  • Thread the Visual Guide
  • Lock the Visual Guide
  • Remove Penile Clamp
  • Turn on irrigation
  • Insertion of Catheter
  • Confirmation catheter has reached the bladder
  • Remove the Visual Guide
  • Hub the catheter
  • Inflate the catheter balloon
  • Connect the drainage bag

Please note: This video does not show the removal of the Visual Guide post successful placement of the catheter. The Visual Guide must be removed prior to inflation of the catheter balloon.

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